Mold/Toxic Exposure *

In General

In general, mold and toxic exposure cases must be carefully developed.  The time and manner of exposure; the scientifically-accepted risks of exposure; and the client’s prior health are important considerations. These cases – even moreso than others – require expert analysis and focused investigation of documents, environmental sampling, and medical causation.  Generally, there is a 3 year statute of limitations for personal injury cases, although there are exceptions.

Mold in the Workplace: Confidential settlement

Several staff working in an office building developed allergic reactions over a period of time.  We discovered there had been leak that traveled from the roof down the walls, and spread spores.  A past repair effort had covered up the problem, making it worse.  We sued the building owner, the business owner, and the company that did the faulty repair. The case was complicated by a maze of insurance coverage issues.  The key to the case was discovering the prior faulty repair, and carefully analyzing the insurance policies.

Toxic Leak in Workplace: $1,500,000 settlement

A worker was exposed to the toxic chemical benzene, when piping in the workplace leaked.  He later developed leukemia.  The general contractor and the property owner were found liable for the hazardous spill, which they failed to correct.

Well Water Contaminated by County Gas

Tanks: $350,000 settlement

Toxic exposure affects different people differently – it is especially harmful to children during their developmental years.  The client’s family lived near a County building where underground tanks had leaked for an undisclosed period of time.  The key to the case was proving the link between the toxic exposure and the child’s health conditions.

Propane Explosion Injuries: $625,000 settlement

The client suffered serious burns to hands and lungs due to the fact the propane delivery company had failed to check the system properly before filling the propane tank.

* These toxic exposure cases are chosen from many more, to illustrate some of the variety of the issues we have dealt with.

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