Civil lawsuits are a “common law” tradition that our Founders brought from Great Britain and enshrined in the United States Constitution.  The purpose of civil lawsuits is not to put people in jail for intentional injuries – that is the purpose of criminal law.  Rather, the purpose of a civil lawsuit is to compensate victims of recklessness and negligence.  We live in a society of people who don’t always take the time to act safely -- we drive fast, neglect to fill the pothole in the parking lot, sell products that occasionally hurt people, hire workers who are untrained, staff our jails and schools with individuals who sometimes are unfit, dispose of pollutants in the wrong way, forget to watch where we are driving our boat – and a host of daily acts of thoughtlessness or corner-cutting.  That is why we purchase insurance – to protect ourselves from lawsuits, and to compensate those we have regretfully harmed.  A civil lawsuit is not an act of vengeance; it is redress for three separate concerns: 1) It is for truth-finding – how did the incident really occur?  2) It is an act of civic education – can we learn to be a better, safer, fairer society?  3) It is an act of compensation – we should compensate the victim who bears the burden of our thoughtlessness and gave us an education.  Insurance provides the
wrongdoer with an attorney, the cost of defending us, and settlement money up to the “limits” of the policy.  A defendant in a lawsuit rarely pays any money for defense or settlement.

We represent individuals who have been seriously injured or wrongfully fired.  We sue negligent individuals and corporations, government agencies, and insurance companies.  We seek insurance coverage to compensate clients fully and fairly.

Our lawyers and staff are trained to treat clients with respect and prompt communication.  We are a voice for your rights.  Each lawsuit is an important event in an individual’s life, and we are committed to each client as if he or she were our only client.

Our approach to personal injury lawsuits is to prepare each case for trial, give good advice and settle if the client’s goal is met.

Our method is to help you understand the process, regain your dignity, and overcome your injury.

We commit to each client that we will use our financial resources and creativity to prove the truth, and to obtain for our clients the fullest, fairest recovery possible.

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